Monday, November 23, 2009


I ran away for the afternoon a few days ago and landed in paradise. A friend had told me about the Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden along Hwy 35, about an hour away from where I live in western Wisconsin. I find it helpful to look at art when I'm in a fallow writing period, and I hit the jackpot at Prairie Moon. I love thinking about this retired farmer creating this place and all the travelers chancing upon it. This photo is of the artist's self-portrait. More photos are on the website linked above, but they sadly don't convey the impact of walking among all the varied pieces (about 40) in the garden.

Ron often reminds and encourages us to enjoy writing and keep our eyes on what is being created. Herman Rusch, self-taught artist, left a roadside treasure that offers the same message.


  1. There is something magical about folk art. It comes from the heart and soul and materials at hand. It exists not for museum display or even money or admiration, but primary for the satisfaction of its creator. It can laugh at its own jokes, even while it pays homage to Elvis.

    I should take a lesson and lighten up in my own creative process. Thanks for the reminder, Marsha.

  2. Where is this place? Must be not far from Stockholm. I'd love to see it.

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  4. It's just north of Fountain City, south of Alma. Officially, it's in Cochrane. Here's a post of mine about this wonderful place, with more photos.

    It's well worth the trip. Definitely spend a little time looking through the Kohler website linked by Marsha to find other great Wisconsin outsider artist sites -- two that are relatively close to Minnesota are the Wegners' Glass Grotto in Cataract and Nick Engelbert's Grandview in Hollandale.