Saturday, March 30, 2013

Interview (And Creepy Bunny Pix)

Above is a link to an interview with me, Steve Herrick, and Helen Frost.  All about the novel-in-verse.

BTW -- Happy Easter.  If you're irreverent here's a link (since I'm linking) to see creepy/funny bunny pictures.  Courtesy of Chris Heppermann.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Ron. I particularly liked what you said at the end: It’s interesting to me that when I’m writing a novel-in-verse I can’t write poems. I don’t usually get ideas for poems, anyway, if I’m in the middle of a verse-novel. And if I do, the best thing is to jot the idea down but not try even a rough draft. Maybe poems like to have me all to themselves? Probably there’s a poem in there—jealous poems lurking outside the house where a novel-in-verse lives.

    That explained a lot to me about why my poems "disappear" while I'm working on a verse novel. Maybe wine or chocolate will tempt them back now?