Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still Here

We're about half-way through this residency. We had a visiting author today--(Sibert Award winner) Catherine Thimmesh. Her terrific talk and reading focused on her two most recent books, Team Moon and Lucy Long Ago, both of which are wonderful nonfiction/information books. While the subject matter of the books are worlds apart (Apollo space project and paleontology/evolutionary biology/anthropology), I was struck how each was really a story about the creative process.

I get to give a lecture tomorrow. Time to check my notes. Goodnight.



  1. Great lecture, Marsha. Hey Diddle Diddle will never look the same. Thank you! Can't wait to shuffle my 42 chapters (I know, ridiculous number) and deal a new story. Hoping for a royal flush or at least a winning hand.

    Also hoping for the return of the Inkpot bloggers soon. Standing by for the latest splotch on the page.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. Good luck with the shuffle.

    And yes: I too look forward to a full team of Inkpotters getting back on board here.