Sunday, February 14, 2010

Carb Crash

In January many of us who chime in here spent 11 days at Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota at camp for writers. Okay, it was part of an MFA program, but the going-to-camp comparison is apt. We had 11 intense days in close quarters, during which we were immersed in discussions and lectures and workshops dealing with the subject of writing, and writing for children and YAs in particular. I always come home inspired, exhausted (and, this time, bearing a virus) and raring to write and wanting to delve deeper into the subject of writing and ready to talk about all I’ve learned. And then, like the overwhelming exhaustion that follows an indulgent, delicious carb-heavy lunch, comes the crash.

I’ve crashed. Oh, it’s not that I can’t write. I am in fact getting quite a lot done. It’s just that the conversation about writing has become so much buzzing in my head and right now I simply have nothing coherent to say on the subject. What little juice remains I will try to preserve for when I respond to student work in a week or so.

What’s a blogger to do?

Link to cool and/or amusing stuff. Despite the cranky melancholia that’s underpins my day to day outlook, I have a thing for the smiley face, and I especially love smiley face water towers. Enjoy.


  1. Amen, Sister. I think we need a fresh course of Project Runway haiku to cleanse the palate. Anne?

  2. short, tight, and shiny
    jesus rocks heidi challenge--
    ah, what might have been

    fashion week bedlam
    ten designers show today--
    who will rub tim's feet?

  3. MQ: Good! :0) "We'll make it work." It's simply fabulous to find a community of writers AND Project Runway lovers. SCORE!

  4. I never knew how many smiley-towers there were! The one pictured from Fruitport, Mi is an icon from my childhood. Maybe I'll turn that into a haiku. Or, uh, not.

  5. How about Olympics haiku?

    Valentine's Day date,
    Good bar food, good drinks, good man,
    On the TV, luge.

  6. Roadside yellow smile,
    water tower on the way
    to my yesterday.

    Ok, there. I did it. Sticking to the water towers since my TV doesn't get the olympics and I'm not telling anyone where we went on our Valentine's Day "date" (with kids). It's worse than my haiku.

  7. That traitor Spam Man,
    not Canuck, but not Aussie,
    denied mogul gold.

    That should do it for me--I think I have the haiku monkey off my back.

    (Rebecca: Applebees?)

  8. (Christine: worse. Far, far worse.)

  9. The zoo? (But Chuck E. Cheese would be worse by far.)

  10. Ooh, Chuck E. is the one place that could top Old Country Buffet.