Thursday, April 15, 2010


I went to an Illustrator’s event last night—Four famous illustrators talking about their work in regard to collaboration and expansion. Don’t forget, dear writer friends, that illustrators are also storytellers and that they work incredibly hard to come up with brilliant ideas. It is also a collaborative effort. No artist works alone. In every book, every illustration there has been help and guidance.

My favorite of the four was Chris Sickels, founder of Red Nose Studio. What I love about his work is how playful and profound it is. Here are some Utube links to his sculptures and animations. See if you find them as inspiring and enjoyable as I do.


  1. Fascinating. Thanks for reminder and the nudge to appreciate illustrators, too. Will be passing this along to folks.

  2. I really agree, Claire. I think his dedication to his creativity and vision so inspiring. Can you imagine how long it took to make that tug boat? (It was in one of the video's.) He could do what he does in such an easier way, but he chooses not to.

  3. Very cool--thanks for sharing, Lisa. It was really fun to hear him talk about the process. I love it that he sketches people at Walmart because they "Let their guard down" there. So true.

    I think I need to get out and do some character sketches (with words) at public places.