Friday, June 11, 2010

Check It Out

The brand new "The New Yorker" has a long piece about dystopian YA novels. Tobin's "Feed" is praised (as it should be) and the author takes others to task a bit for their silliness and lack of internal logic. But those also sell in the hundreds of thousands.

Makes me think I should have set the sequel to "Stoner and Spaz" in a crumbling netherworld. I imagine Colleen could get the better of any vampire and I'll take anybody's action at even money.

While I'm here I'll also tout you on "Winter's Bone," a terrific movie that just opened in L.A. Also just saw "The Father of My Children" and it's worth a look.

That's why I can't leave Southern California -- too many movies, just enough race tracks.

Check out "TNY" piece. Seriously.


  1. If you're too impatient to get out to the library and pick up a New Yorker, here's a link to the article, which is pretty awesome: