Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bits & Pieces

Buddy the Poetry Cat was happy to see me and he showed this by looking up when I came in the door, and then going back to sleep. Probably he was examining his life. He's a big Henry James fan.

There's an interview with yours truly on a site called Long Story Short. Some of the same stuff as was revealed in the gig on Saturday, minus the poems of course. But it might be interesting -- I tend to lie to interviewers, and then forget what I say. In a recent Biographical Note in a literary magazine I wrote that I was an unpublished writer living in North Dakota and working on a saga. Nothing makes me wearier than those solipsistic entries listing every forthcoming poem and a Kerouac-like life as fisherman, rock climber, cook, and towering dwarf.

I have to say that I get as much out of the residency as any student. I can use the T.A. Barron list of deepest fears/highest hopes/etc. even though I'm not a fantasy writer and even though he bored the pants off me on graduation day. Flash Fiction is fun, and I'll always pick up Poetry when I spy it standing on the side of the road in the rain. But there's nothing like a long piece --two or three or four pages a day every day. All I need now is an idea and a Bic pen.

Congratulations again to the grads and welcome to the newbies.


  1. haha! Love your honesty. Loved seeing you again, and loved spending time and words with everyone at Hamline. Congratulations, graduates! Proud!

  2. Hey, great interview. And thanks, as always, for bringing everyone down to earth again, Ron.

  3. Thanks for the congrats.
    I did find the lights to be a little bright up on the stage.