Monday, August 30, 2010


September is nigh and for many that means back-to-school. For Hamline MFAC students it means your first packet is likely due at some point in the month.
Ah. The first packet—so glorious in its newness, its enthusiasm, with new essay topics to explore (unless you’re a fourth semester student working on your creative thesis) and a wild venture into a relationship with a new advisor and a new relationship with your creative work and soul. Who knows what great insights will occur over the next five months? The possibilities are endless. It all begins with that first step of writing and sending it off (whether this is your very first first packet or your final first packet, or for non-students the beginning of a new book) There is excitement, anxiety, hope and potential with every word.

It holds true for advisors, too. That first packet from a new student is full of wonder and surprise. We’ve met you, set up a plan, now we get to see it in action, and then we get to see the life of our students develop over a semester’s time. Writers are in a constant state of firsts.

My advise to those sending off—be honest, believe in what you do, and make it better all the time. And please double space and proofread.

Enjoy that thrill of your first—may it not be your last!

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  1. So true, dear Lisa. My first packet has just arrived by email and I look forward to reading and responding, ever yet knowing I continue to work on my own writing and process. A journey with many exciting twists and turns for us all. Good luck on your move. CRM