Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Off to Saint Paul

If we’ve been quiet it’s because most of us are headed to St. Paul for the summer residency. I’ve been finishing up with a summer session class and reviewing workshop pieces in advance of the residency. I’ve also been busy checking over my essential residency supplies (toaster, coffee maker, dishwashing stuff, egg-carton pad to supplement the awful mattress) because we’ll all be moving into the on-campus apartments.

Not part of the Hamline MFAC community? You can join us for several events. In addition to the many great faculty and student readings, there are some guest authors--including Patricia MacLachlan (Sarah, Plain and Tall), who will be speaking near the end of the residency.

Residency, BTW, is fun.


  1. Yes, residency IS fun! it is a world unto itself, a fun, inspiring, caring, highly intelligent and creative community. Alas, I will not be at this one. I will miss everyone dreadfully and will think of all of you having a blast and talking shop.

  2. The only sad Hamlinites (or perhaps I should say Pipers) this week are the ones who are not able to go "home" to Hamline for the residency. Having made that journey the past three Julys, I feel very empty right now. Wish I was there. I'm headed to SCBWI-LA in a few weeks, but I'll bet it won't be nearly as much fun. Thinking of you all and sending virtual hugs.