Friday, December 30, 2011

Resolutions--and Woody

Thanks for the yoga Cheryl. It was just right for this gray rainy next-to-the-end-of-the-year day.

And getting toward the end of the year puts me in mind of resolutions. A friend of a Facebook friend posted a list of resolutions from Woody Guthrie's journal. It's almost too much like looking over his shoulder, but not so "too much" that I don't want to share a few.

8. Write a song a day.
13. Read lots [of] good books.
19. Keep hoping machine running.
20. Dream good.

I'm definitely signing on for read lots of good books. I realized this week I haven't been reading enough. I've let other jobs, other pursuits, steal time from reading.

And the hoping machine. It's time to tune it up. And then there's the walking and the writing real letters to people I care about, and maybe leaving room in each week for surprise.

As we wait for more light, or more snow, or 2012 what's on your list?


  1. Writing letters to people is a great resolution. Sometimes we forget that application for writing that is very meaningful.

  2. I'm gong with #3: "Wash teeth if any."
    Appreciate and nurture your strengths, right?

    Happy New Year, Jackie!

  3. Okay, Jackie, I hate to get too serious here, but mine is letting go of outcomes (at least a little of the time) and living more in the moment. We'll be doing that soon at our January residency.

  4. Agree with you, Cheryl. It's almost a lost art. And I find that people (especially kids) love to get a real hand-written letter in the mail. What a treasure it is to find a box of old letters in an attic shoebox, especially if they were written and/or received by ancestors no longer with us. Sadly, our descendants may never know the thrill of that kind of find.