Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Are writer's kinda-sorta crazy?

All writers have different processes for capturing their character's voice, I'm sure. As an actor, I attempt to attack my protagonist like I do a script. Easy right? But add in several writing projects at a does a writer juggle their own sanity while handling the thoughts, moods, and voices of several different protagonists and antagonists. Can you imagine us walking through a crowded street displaying different personality traits? One moment you're plotting to take down the Capitol and the next second you stop to a halt to champion people to freedom.

In Outlining Your Novel by K. M. Weiland, the author suggests interviewing your character. Weiland goes further and advises conducting a freehand interview for those tough, clousemouthed characters. For example:

Author: Why are you being so uncooperative?

Character: Why are you asking stupid questions?

Author: They're not stupid. Why don't you just relax and let me get to know you. Your resistance just makes me think that you have something to hide. Do you?

Character: If I did, it's not of your business. That's why I'm hiding it.

Author: So you do have something to hide!

Anyhooo, as I read the real exchange that the author wrote as an example, I burst out laughing. The exchange sounds crazy! It just made me realize, we writers might either have a touch of insanity (not because we write without getting much pay), or extreme creativity.

Which are you?


  1. Well, speaking for myself, I'd have to quote the old Merle Haggard song, "I've Always Been Crazy but It Keeps Me From Going Insane."

    But if I were not the way I am, I would be so boring, I'd walk into a room and everybody would fall asleep. So what the hey.

  2. Melinda, I have to agree. Thinking of my background and family dysfunction, I'd have to say that I'm definitely a tad bit touched. LOL!