Saturday, June 2, 2012

Now it's the Movies

     We’re often told that the movie version of a book isn’t as good as the book itself. I tell you what -- that’s certainly true when it comes to big mouths  yakking in the movie theater.     Lordamercy! I shut up even before the previews begin. I find a seat to the left or the right of the screen off to myself because I want to fully immerse myself into the scene, the dialogue, the characterization, or imagine myself writing the screenplay.     
     But invariably a yakkety-yakker flops down behind  or beside me --  smacking on popcorn and slurping soda -- to talk on the cell phone or to anyone else stupid enough to come with them  from the time he/she first sits down  near me until the time the movie ends. The last straw is when he/she behind me props his/her legs over the chair beside me.  I WILL move, fuming  all the way.
    What if you had two or three pairs of lips smacking inane conversations around you with every page you read? Imagine  that you’ve just settled down in your favorite chair to read a new book. You’re ready to be hooked by the conflict, inspired by the main character, motivated  by -- when Mr. or Ms. Loud Talker squeezes in beside you to share YOUR book? “I can’t see the words; move the book closer to me,”  Nosey says. And “Are you gonna eat that peanut butter sandwich?” And “This is all dialogue; turn the page and get to the action.”
    It’d be almost impossible to read with these  blabbers hogging in on you.  What if you had to share a Kindle or an E reader with them, too? Thank goodness that can’t happen the way it does in movies. Or can it?

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  1. Hear, hear for full immersion. The opportunities are so few these days, with yakkers, gizmos and various responsibilities pulling the strings of our attention.