Thursday, August 2, 2012

Go, Hamline, Go!

     This blog will be a bit different from my usual postings.
     This time I’m riding the “Go, Hamline, Go” bandwagon, gallivanting along, sis boom ba!
      I’ve been racking my brain, thinking of ways that we can promote our beloved MFAC program even more than we have been already.  All of us have been singing the praises of our MFAC program anyway, 24 hours a day. What else can we do in the 25th and 26th hours of the day?
     I have a Hamline auto sticker on my car. I wear a Hamline cap, a Hamline tee-shirt, and a Hamline jacket. Wearing them does bring questions from the curious out here in North Carolina. I need to translate that into enrolled students! I haven't tried dancing on a tabletop yet. It'd take me too long to get up there.
     I have  Hamline brochures that I circulate when I speak. I talk about Hamline whenever I give presentations. Hamline info is on my web site, which is .
    What else can I do?
     What about you? What are some things that you can do to promote Hamline’s MFAC brilliance?   
     Let’s brainstorm some possibilities here.
     Onward and upward, Hamline!


  1. What about a blog tour, where Hamline folks post about their experiences with the MFAC on their blogs and link them to this blog or other Hamline MFAC blog sites?

    Or have some of our visiting authors give us a shout-out on their blogs/webpages. Give 'em a "pretty please with sugar on top."

  2. The Hamline bookstore has Hamline shirts, but no Hamline MFAC shirts, or hats. That would be great to wear especially in the circles we all travel in. Plus a huge promo in The Writer mag. Also, how about having regional ambassadors. Current and alumni who attend avents in their area including, but not limited to writing classes, conferences, writing groups that meet at Barnes and Nobles, Literacy festivals, Reading festivals, and promo tours. These regional ambassadors can have Hamline MFAC info to distribute at these events. And they are the perfect ambassadors, since they've been through the program themselves and can answer potential student questions.

  3. Melinda and Desiree, these are all great ideas. The author shout-outs should be easy to accomplish. I love the idea of regional ambassadors, too. I'll pass along your ideas to Mary Rockcastle shortly.
    Keep those fab ideas coming, Hamline!

  4. Desiree, maybe not The Writer magazine because I recently heard that it's going out of business unless they can find a buyer:

    But other magazines will work.

    I really like the regional ambassadors idea.