Monday, August 18, 2014

Faculty Voices: Marsha Qualey

And this happened.
Thanks to Sara Kvols for the phote.

Here we go: another semester of the Hamline MFAC program.  A good thing about a low-residency program is the variety of places called home by the students and faculty and the resulting mix of people. A crummy thing about a low-residency program is the post-residency far-flungedness of friends.

Here we go: another semester of the Storyteller’s Inkpot.  A good thing about a blog collective is no single person bears the burden of the writing. A crummy thing about a blog collective is that the schedule of writers is completed well in advance and so if someone rolls out of bed on a crisp autumn day and has a burst of brilliance in 800 words or less, there’s been no chance that brilliance can be shoe-horned into the regular schedule.

There’s a somewhat new schedule this semester—we’re moving Faculty Voices to Mondays. Alumni Voices will continue on Thursdays.  We have a number of publication interviews celebrating new books by faculty and alums, and they will appear as the books are published; you can look for those on Tuesdays.  And to make room for the occasional unscheduled brilliance, there might be the occasional Alumni/Faculty Voices Plus.

And because I like you all a lot, here’s a sweet littlebit o’ craft from writer Elizabeth McCracken.


  1. Lovely. Thanks for all your work, Marsha!

  2. Thank you, Marsha! We are so blessed to have you at Hamline MFAC!

  3. Thanks Marsha for keeping us organized and keeping us together.