Friday, September 25, 2009

First Person

Ah, writing in first. Writing in third. I go back and forth. I just completed another first-person novel, but took time to do a draft of it in third. Sometime the narcissism and narrow view of first is exactly what's called for. What did I learn by revising in third? Not sure, but I came up with some lovely writing (lovely to me) for a scene that takes place on the banks of the Mississippi; unfortunately my first person protag would never have those lovely Mississippi-inspired thoughts, so it all gets cut.


  1. I think maybe that's what drives me nuts--I love reading a good first person, but for writing it's too claustrophobic for me to be confined to one person's thoughts and experiences. I get enough of that in daily life.

  2. Hi Marsha, I'm working on doingt he opposite. I have a draft of 3rd person, but something is missing, so I'm trying to revise it in 1st to see if I can iron out the issues. I plan to go back to third, perhaps, when I'm done. ??

  3. Great discussion. I love to write in 1st person & see the world through my mc's eyes. It's very difficult for me to write a convincing 3rd person - I feel like I have to see and comment on every little detail. I love to read both 1st & 3rd though.
    Just read two great 1st POV's - REFORMED VAMPIRE SUPPORT GROUP and MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLD. Both interesting 1st person voices: a 15-year-old vampire (really, she's 55) and the other, a 17-year-old with Asperger's. I also found the MC in WINTERGIRLS to be convincing.