Thursday, September 10, 2009

Squeaking away

There are a few major accomplishments in life: first steps, first day of school, first book.  I can now add to that list--first blog.  Yes, I'm new to this.  But I just wanted to get it over with so even though I don't have anything major to say (I'm finishing a novel, about twenty pages to go, and I'm dreaming about it, seeing scenes as I walk, not a lot of room for much else in my mind at the moment.) I wanted to contribute and let my fellow contributors know that I'm alive, reading their blogs, and squeaking.



  1. "Seeing scenes as I walk." Ah, yes, but do you ever hone dialogue out loud when walking? I know I must look like the Mad Woman of Eau Claire when I'm on a walk, but really, it's a writer at work.

  2. I have often told myself that I really need to stop talking to myself in public. The problem is, I do it out loud. In public.