Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Dare You

Sid Fleishman died this week at 90—on the day after his birthday. Sid is known for The Whipping Boy (Newbery winner in 1986) and the McBroom series of the 70’s. He’s a father in the field. Along with his son, Paul Fleishman—they are the only father and son to have both won a Newbery.

Sid was a magician before a children’s book writer. I can contest to that—I met him a few years ago at a conference where the audience convinced him to get on stage and perform—he was indeed a performer. He was lively and thoroughly engaged with his audience. A delightful man.

According to the NYTimes obitiuary he “flung himself into the field on a dare.” What a great career that dare turned out to be.
Now I dare all of you to do the same. Go fling yourself into this career. Right now.


  1. Dare double dare you can't stop me. I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree. Chicka chicka boom boom.

    I just read this last night to my dear ones. It echoed through my head after I read you thoughts, Lisa. Yes, we must dare ourselves to do this.

  2. I hear you, Lisa. Back to the novel. WE need a yearly photo montage of writers who have passed away, like at the Academy Awards. A friend gave me Sid's memoir a while back. THE ABRACADABRA KID: A WRITER'S LIFE Delightful. I just looked at Sid's list of books - what a body of work.

  3. Thanks for the dare. A dare is just an invitation while everyone watches, and I guess peer pressure helps with this one.