Monday, August 8, 2011

Writing Fever in the Morning, Fever All Through the Term...

'Tis the most wonderful time of the year. Packet deadlines are near. Our advisors dedicate themselves to our work. I may send my advisor a sympathy card--or five--along with a bottle of Malbec [Student Tip # 112: Wine makes your adverbs fall off and any advisor real happy]. But you didn't hear this from me [A copy of Student Tips and Blips is available for $49.99. Email for details].

Maybe you're feeling anxious [don't most of us]? Tired? Excited? Have you found your stride? Wondering where the heck it's hiding? Ever wonder how you'll tap in when you're tapped-out? Don't worry; these are classic signs of P.D.D.S. [Packet Due Date Syndrome]. And the prognosis is hopeful. Life happens. You do the work. The car breaks down. You do the work. Mom moves into the apartment. You do the work [with the door locked].

How's your semester going? How's your writing life? The Inkpot is your community. It is our community. And P.D.D.S. is perfectly normal. We're in this together.

Disclaimer: The author of this post in no way promotes bribery in the advisor/advisee relationship. :0)


  1. P.D.D.S doesn't disappear when you graduate. With all good luck, it merely switches a letter to M.D.D.S. (manuscript due date syndrome). Which is exactly what I am suffering from right now. Talk about tic-checks up the wazoo.

    So glad to see the new bloggers! I miss all you Hamline-ites. (I'm on leave for the year.)

    And, yes, your advisers love wine--works every time!

  2. Long time no see, Lisa! We all miss you! May we all develop M.D.D.S. one day! :0) Be well and happy writing!

  3. oh, my packet time and still summer. But sometimes warm weather brings my most vivid writing. Outside, inside - our characters, our subjects, nature. It's all good. Deadlines can be good if we don't panic.

  4. i find deadlines to be very helpful. i even set deadlines for myself throughout my packet. For example, "by the end of this week I will have progressed this much...." good luck every one!