Friday, August 19, 2011

Look Who's Back!

Want to take a little trip together? It's easy -- no pre-planning, no packing, no traveler's diarrhea. This is a blog tour. I have some publicity people (as in my people call their people though I'm my people and they their two people), and Barb set up a blog tour for the new book ("Now Playing: Stoner & Spaz2"): Here are the stops. Check out a couple and let me know what you think:

Aug-8 The Brain Lair - guest post - The Rialto
Aug-9 Guys Lit Wire - interview
Aug-10 YA Books Central - review
Aug-11 Teenreads - guest post
Aug-12 The Hate-Mongering Tart - TBD
Aug-15 YA Bliss - guest post
Aug-16 A Life Bound by Books - guest post
Aug-17 The Book Monsters - TBD
Aug-18 Chick Loves Lit - interview
Aug-19 A Good Addiction - character interview

I'll tell you what I'm most interested in -- do you think something like this sells books? Remember -- I'm not the only writer on the block. The sites post new/different authors all the time. Why would my day-at-the-blog entice someone to buy my book and not the person right before or right after me?

Anyway, nice to see you all again. I'll be a regular contributor for awhile.



  1. Great to see you back on the Inkpot, Ron! You've been missed!!

  2. Well, well, well... Hey, Ron. I scored access to the Inkpot. Pretty cool, huh? Welcome aboard...again! :0)

  3. I checked out a couple of the blogs and I have to say those interviews look like a lot of work--but you're very good at it. Nice tone, casual but snappy. Slightly in their face, but welcoming at the same time.

    How does one tell what generates sales? Any ideas?