Friday, November 22, 2013

Read this Book

In January 2014 a revised Required Reading List will be in place for the MFAC program. The committee charged with the revision solicited recommendations from, among other sources, the MFAC faculty. In a perfect world, all of the faculty recommendations would have been included. Though they aren't part of the final req'd list, these recommended books (and the craft issue that generated the recommendation) are worth sharing.

Heck, Superhero by Martine Leavitt ("third person limited POV/character")

A Very Special House, by Ruth Krauss ("rhythm/details of children's speech"

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  1. I often suggest Martine Leavitt's novel because it is such a great example of a third person narrator with a distinct voice. In fact, I remembered it as first person and was surprised, the first time I reread it, to find it was in third. The book shows the power of third person, the freedom that POV gives an author to play with language while staying close to the narrator. Leavitt is also a fine writer in many genres; well worth a closer look. I'm sorry this didn't make the cut.