Thursday, November 21, 2013

Writing Glossary

Last week's winner, Naomi Kinsman Downing, wondered what she won when she won. Well, Inkpotters, that's it: You win a win!

Shall we make it a bit harder this week? Yes, of course we should. Two pieces of writing jargon to define. Be the first to post the answers in the comments! Lady Emfak is taking a little trip to the mountains, however, and won't be able to adjudicate the results, should that be necessary, so please take it upon yourselves. Be nice!

1. The Hot Stove 

a.  Emotional, thematic, and plot elements that are at the heart of a story (and often avoided or unrecognized) 
b.  A place to burn rejection letters

2. The Hero's Journey**

a.       a.  A basic narrative pattern where a young man or woman encounters supernatural wonders, battles supernatural forces and returns from this adventure with knowledge that can help others.
b.      b . The time it takes to get a loaf of bread filled with cold cuts, sausage, cheese and peppers from Mario's Deli to your house. 


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