Thursday, March 10, 2011


Today the oven doesn’t light,
the dryer timer knob is broken,
the car refuses to shift
into first or reverse unless
the engine is turned off,
and my computer will not recharge.

Lucky for me
they put odor in gas,
I’m fine playing dryer roulette,
there’s nowhere I need to go,
and I have not yet given up my stash
of pen and paper.

Clearly the thing at the top of my list
is to write this poem.


  1. I am going to print this out and put it on the altar of my Phyllis shrine, right next to the lock of hair I surreptitiously snipped off her at summer residency. Not that I'm a stalker or anything...

  2. I bought a desk chair today for $10, but then broke a caster as I was rolling it out to the car. Guess it's just one of those days.

  3. then sell the poem
    for a thousand dollars
    because that transmission
    sounds kind of iffy.