Friday, March 11, 2011

Winter is almost over, really.

Writers! Ever hate the sound of your own voice? I mean writing voice? Uh huh. Well, I’m going through one of those periods now—not the first time—and to shake it off I do what I usually do: write different stuff. I’m trying some various poetry forms, writing short stories again, and doing a few other things/exercises, all of which at time seems like so much hocus pocus. But I persist.

And I’m reading a lot, hard copy and online. Here’s a quote and a link, both of which stirred the juices again. Can a return to the novel-in-progress be far behind? Here’s hoping.

“All really satisfying stories, I believe, can generally be described as spendthrift…. A spendthrift story has a strange way of seeming bigger than the sum of its parts; it is stuffed full; it gives a sense of possessing further information that could be divulged if called for. Even the sparest in style implies a torrent of additional details barely suppressed, bursting through the seams.” --Anne Tyler

Spendthrift? I wouldn't have used that work, but now I like it. A good children's book is certainly bursting through the seams.

And here's an interview with Alice Munro.

Turn your clocks ahead tomorrow night. Spring forth.

On Wisconsin.


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